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In times past Wiccan covens and small communities pretty much kept to themselves so as not to draw attention to avoid religious persecution. Those times have long pasted; but are not forgotten. The Wiccan religion is the fastest growing religion in the United States. It is finally finding it's rightful place it our communities at large. No longer do we have to hide in the shadows. Today Wiccan Churches are showing and participating in "Giving Back" to the communities in which they exist and thrive. SDCW-ATC services the community through our Community Outreach programs, which include Adopt-A-Highway clean-ups, helping the elderly and Aging, Workshops open to the public, public rituals, childrens activities, and much more.

Announcement for 2019

 After looking into our community and talking with the local grade school principle we found that two-thirds of the children in our local school were on "Free" lunches because their family income was below the poverty level. That means in the town of Lake City, with the population of just over two thousand people, two thirds of the people don't have enough to eat.

  So the Southern Delta Church of Wicca decided we could do something to help our community. Start a Community garden project where we can grow vegetables. We have a lot across the street for parking and decided to delicate half of it to the garden. Our harvests this year will be distributed to the grade school and we have a list of the Elderly on fixed incomes in the local Housing Authority. Any excess left over will given to low-income families in Lake City. 

 Our Church members are excited and have jumped right in with tilling, spading, planting and looking forward to harvest time.

If you would like to contribute to our effort to feed the hungry please hit the donate button below. Thank you and Blessed Be!



We thank you for your generous donations. 

Helping the commuity grow!


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