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Community Service

In times past Wiccan covens and small communities pretty much kept to themselves so as not to draw attention to avoid religious persecution. Those times have long pasted; but are not forgotten. The Wiccan religion is the fastest growing religion in the United States. It is finally finding it's rightful place it our communities at large. No longer do we have to hide in the shadows. Today Wiccan Churches are showing and participating in "Giving Back" to the communities in which they exist and thrive. SDCW-ATC services the community through our Community Outreach programs, which include Adopt-A-Highway clean-ups, helping the elderly and Aging, Workshops open to the public, public rituals, childrens activities, and much more.

Update on Community Garden

 After the local TV station ran a story on SDCW's Community Garden, word spread quickly in our area. We were able to produce over 800 lbs. of vegetables to Lake City Housing Authority, This year the Church has purchased a vacant lot to expand our program. Our goal is to distribute approx. 1600 lbs of food to the community. The property is paid for but we need help in getting it ready for planting. For the tools, fencing, gate, etc. the cost will be $500.00 Please donate any amount you can through the donate button below to assist in this effort to feed the hungry in our local area.

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