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In Wicca and Paganism the focus is on the natural energies of the Earth and the Cosmos. Worshiping the Goddess and the God along with the elemental energies of the earth, air, fire, and water creates an interconnection with the forces that make up our Universe. 

Wicca has roots in the old religious practices of the indigenous people of Europe.

Many pantheons of Gods and Goddesses of the Celtic, Nordic, and Germanic traditions are honored in modern Wicca traditions today. In times past, Wicca was promoted and propagated by Covens, small groups of people who would gather to worship and practice the ancient rites. With the increased interest and growth in Wicca, the need to make the religion more accessible has risen.  

This is the purpose and foundation of the Southern Delta Church of Wicca-ATC. We are a non-profit, tax-exempt organization dedicated to serving the larger pagan community. Established in 1994, The SDCW-ATC offers a host of activities to the new seeker or the advanced practitioner. We are an eclectic church with membership open to solitary practitioner or Covens to provide fellowship for the pagan community.

The SDCW-ATC members of clergy are licensed and ordained to serve the God and Goddess and minister to the  community.



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Lake City, AR 72437


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Rites of Passage

Major life transitions can be easier to adjust to when welcomed with a rite of passage. They are sacred rituals that honor this changes. SDCW-ATC performs a large number of rites of passage for many different life events. 

Our Clergy are available to perform rites of passage such as:

  • Wiccanings

  • Rite of Mystery ( Starting Kindergarten)

  • Maiden/Rove Rites

  • Rite of Libation (21st Birthday)

  • Warrior Rite

  • Handfastings/Marriages

  • Mother/Father Rite

  • Cronings/Saging

  • Crossovers/Funerals

  • And Many More

SDCW-ATC also offers legal ordination through a variety of programs.


We have many opportunities to enjoy pagan fellowship, including:

Open Esbats:

New Moons & Full Moons

8 Sabbats: (Wiccan Holidays)










Study classes are available at all levels-



1st Degree

2nd Degree

3rd Degree

This are available every other week.

SDCW-ATC also offers legal ordination through a variety of programs.