Week 1


We learn about the correspondences of the element of fire.

Color:  Red    


Direction: South

Season: Summer

Time: Noon

Laws of Magi: To Dare

Personality Type: Choleric

Goddess: Mother

Astrological Signs: Aires, Leo, Sagittarius

Symbols: Candles, Campfires, Sun, Flames

Spiritual meaning: Goals, Courage

Animals:  Lion, Horse, Snakes, Scorpion, Coyotes, Ladybugs.

Stones: Jasper, Bloodstone, Amber, Citrine, Fire Opal, Ruby

Plants and Trees: Alder, Holly, Red Pepper, Cinnamon

Magical Works: Freedom, Change, Love, Passion

Elementals: Salamanders, Dragons, Imps

Magical Tool: Athame