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Who Is the Southern Delta Church of Wicca

Hello and welcome to the Southern Delta Church of Wicca's Blog. We are going to feel your hearts with the story of our wonderful church's humble beginnings. The SDCW-ATC was established in Jan. 1994 in Jonesboro, Ar. The founding Elders were ordained by the Aquarian Tabernacle Church in 1993. today SDCW-ATC has ordained clergy in Arkansas, Tennessee, New York, Idaho, and Texas. we are a federally tax-exempt church, fully recognized.

We hold open Sabbats, Esbats, New and Full Moon circles. so come on by. Moons are at 7:30p.m, Sabbats and Esbats are at 6p.m.

We offer clergy classes for those who wish to pursue the path of initiation or ordination through our degree system.

The Southern Delta Church of Wicca is an eclectic church with connections to other churches and groups in the mid-south area.

Our purpose is to promote the Wiccan/Pagan religions to the world and disseminate information to the populace to bring Earth-based religions into equality with the other faiths of the world.

We here at the Southern Delta Church of Wicca-ATC are having so much fun with moons, sabbats, and just communing with the Gods. Come join us for fellowship every Wednesday at 7:30 p.m for our weekly devotional.

We are so excited to tell everyone about our Moonday School. The classes are for children to the age of 12. The teacher is Ashley Riley and she offers the children a look into our Wiccan history and teaches the children about what it is to be a Wiccan. We truly hope to see you here.

Also, we have a community garden and a free vegetable stand open to the community every day. So if you are in need, body, mind, or soul we have you covered.

So Mote It Be.

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