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Clergy dealing with difficult people

Clergy is not an easy life and if anyone says it is they are not in that role or have not been in it for long. Life for Clergy is hard but vastly rewarding. Seeing the smiles on the students' faces and watching the light bulb go off when they get the lessons we have been teaching, is the most rewarding feeling I have ever had. We give them all the tools to succeed, create self-change, and understand the world around them so that they can become the best version of themselves. We do our best to help them create a link to their own path and Deity which they have chosen. This is just one of many tasks and the honor the Clergy feels while serving their communities. It is not the job of the Clergy to make the students happy but rather to guide them on their path to enlightenment and self-discovery.

In every Church or Coven, there are people that will come and go, they are all searching for something to connect to. Some come and stay, others come for a short time and leave. Then there are those that come and expect the Church or Coven to change the way it operates to their way of doing things. Or they expect the High Priestess or High Priest to step down when they are not doing what the person wants. These people are the ones that do not understand if they would embrace their inner change, instead of expecting others to change to them, they would find the peace and connection they crave. It may be that they do not know or wish to follow "The Wiccan Book of the Law" Quote: "It has ever been recognized that there are some people who can never agree to work under others. At the same time, there are also people who cannot rule justly. To those who must ever be chief there is but one answer: " Void this circle, and seek another one, or if ye be of sufficient rank, then form a circle of your own."

When this happens the Clergy have to be prepared to take the blame. As the representation of the Church, Coven, and Goddesses & Gods we are responsible for all that happens in our Church or Coven. Because they do not understand what they are doing to themselves it will always fall to the Clergy as the reason they left. In psychology this is called "Psycholoical Transference" (the carrying over of habits, perceptions, interpretations, emotional repsonses, from preconcieved experiences or earlier experiences and transfering those concepts onto others.) We can not let this kind of behavior to break us down, detour us from our path, or hurt our Church or Coven in any way. The difficulty here is for the Clergy to keep their ego in check. To not take things to personally and understand most of these reactions are growth experiences and psycholgical transference.) It is unacceptable to talk behind their back, be malaise towards them, or degrade them to anyone. They have chosen their path in which they are happy; regardless, of what has happened we wish them well on their journey. As a new cycle begins again.

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