We will be holding our Ostara celebration on the 22nd of March from 1 pm to 9 pm. SDCW-ATC welcomes you to join us at 104 Main St. lake city, AR as we thank the Mother for our first harvest of the year and ask for her blessings.

What is Ostara

Spring Equinox is also called Ostara, eostara (os tar' a), St. Patrick's Day, Easter. It is a minor Sabbat and the Vernal equinox. Ostara celebrates the arrival of spring. Ostara marks the day when night and day are equal and balanced, hence the term equinox, which means "equal night." Ostara is a Norse goddess of fertility whose sacred symbols are the egg and rabbit. During this time, the snow begins to melt away, the days are getting warmer, and life all over the northern hemisphere is bursting into being. The Goddess is giving birth, and life has survived another winter. This is a time to rejoice, dance, and celebrate. This holiday will fall between the above dates depending on which day the Sun, on its northern trek, crosses the equator.

            Eostara is a celebration of fertility, conception and regeneration as the earth recovers from winter and begins to bloom. It is also a triumph of light over dark as from now until Litha days will be longer than the nights.

            In former days, Eostara was a time of sowing and planting. Today, Eostara is a time for putting plans into motion, sowing the seeds of ideas that may not reach fruition for many months.
            The union of Goddess and God varies by tradition. A few date it as early as Imbolgc. Some attribute it to Eostara, others to Beltane. Eostara has the benefit of being 9 months prior to Yule, when the Goddess gives birth.


Tools:  Basket, Eggs, Green Clothes
Energy: Sprouting, Birthing, Greening
Goddesses:  Kore Ostara Maiden
Gods:  Green Man Hare
Rituals:  New Growth Breakthrough New Projects Seed Blessings
Customs: Egg Games Wearing Green New Clothes Egg Baskets
Herbs: Iris Honeysuckle Peony Violet and All Spring Flowers
Incense: Rose Jasmine Strawberry
Color: Yellow Green
Decorations: Green and Yellow Jellybeans Colored Eggs Rabbit Decorations Spring Flowers Seeds
Foods: Leafy Green Vegetables Spiced or Flower Cupcakes Hard-Boiled Eggs Fruits

In the Southern Delta Church of Wicca-ATC Tradition we bring noisemakers such as drums rattles, tambourines, horns and such to help wake up the earth. 

This only applies if there are two circles, one indoor and on outdoor.

A main part of our tradition for this Sabbat in the closing of the indoor circle and the opening of the outdoor circle.  Prior to the ritual the outdoor circle area should be thoroughly cleaned physically and spiritually.  The indoor circle is closed by beginning the ritual in the indoors and moving the energy Deosil to the outdoor circle such as is done in the closing of the outdoor circle at Samhain.


We thank you for your generous donations. 

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104 Main St.

Lake City, AR 72437